About the Stage Manager


From 1979 until 1985 the Stage Manager(SM.) worked as undercover agent for Bureau, a corporation founded in London and New York in the late 70's by John Andrews and Keith James. In July,1968 SM was caught in Salzburg trying to cross the border into Germany by train without a passport. The Italian passport found in his possession had expired, leaving him stateless. He spend half the night in an Austrian police station and the other half of the night on a bench in the railway station. He told the police that his US re-entry travel document had been stolen on the Orient Express from Vienna to Paris on which he had been traveling before the border police forced him off the train.

At the police station SM tried to call his deaf relative in Vienna for help, but she didn't answer. SM thought that the police should have believed him because as every one knew at that time, a US passport was worth $2000 and up, on the black market in Vienna. He told them that his father had been born in the same village as the famous dadaist poet Tristan Tzara, but they didn’t know who he was. They were very suspicious of any stateless person.

SM has since acquired an American passport and lives in the big apple on the banks of the Hudson River with his wife and two sons. He has used the cover identity of Paragone, a Practicing Architect and teacher in order to promote the interests of Bureau. Although he himself has resigned from membership on account of irreconcilable theoretical differences with the founding partners over the corporation's uniform, he continued to regard himself as a free agent of Bureau. He has at times forgotten his role as an agent and truly believed in his cover identity. He became convinced that being an architect was his true mission in life. His assumed persona became authentic. He still believes it and lives it. He keeps in touch with only one other member who was at that time the US Bureau corespondent and now teaches at the Institute, but we are not at liberty to disclose that person's identity. Enclosed you will find proof of his official membership in Bureau. It is all in the name



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